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Registered teams

Confirmed teams:

  1. Smoke On the wild Side - BE
  2. BBQ+ - BE -
  3. Sea Side Smokers - NL
  4. Serial Grillaz - NL
  5. - NL
  6. Miss Piggy's - UK
  7. iQ - NL -
  8. Butrubbers - NL
  9. BR.BQ - USA
  10. Low and Slow Meister - NL
  11. Fire Food and Flavor - NL
  12. PureBBQ - NL
  13. BBQ team Laurentius - BE
  14. De Rokende Règâhs - NL
  15. The Smokey Bandits - NL
  16. Hammer & Tongs - UK
  17. LetzQ - NL
  18. BBCats - BE
  19. Tjoppie Doppie BBQ Team - BE
  20. De Vliegende Hollander - NL
  21. Westhoek smokers - BE
  22. Smaakmakers - BE
  23. Southern Dutch BBQ - NL
  24. Iron BBQ - DE
  25. Smokey Goodness - NL
  26. BBQ Wiesel - DE
  27. - USA
  28. Qlinaria - BE
  29. Flaming Pig BBQ - SWE
  30. Bunch of Swines - UK
  31. NasQ - NL
  32. AllSeasoned BBQ Team - NL
  33. Zwarte Hand - NL
  34. BBQ Team Xtreme - BE
  35. Burning Bastards - NL
  36. BBQ Longhorn – AT
  37. BBQ Team Smoke it All - DK
  38. Wettels on Fire - BE
  39. Peyote Pedro - BE
  40. Team Anoniem - NL
  41. Antwerps BBQ team - BE
  42. open spot

General info

Beer, Fries & BBQ II will be held in Hasselt, Belgium at 9, 10 May 2015. A registration fee of €150 will be charged for every team competing in this contest. New this year will be the charge of a warranty fee of €75.

Information and instruction regarding sign up procedures, parking area's, floor plan will me e-mailed to you. The program isn't final yet. It's likely that changes will be made up on 3 weeks before D-Day.

Why do we charge a warranty fee?

Experience learned us that teams generate a lot of trash and that we must compel teams for a better waste management. We where having teams leaving their tent behind. Some team used up to 2 garbage bags being 240L of garbage!

Teams are also responsible for their personal competition space. A clean space will be assigned to a team and we expect that teams will return the space as they received it: clean and free of trash. Before they leave, teams are asked to contact us for a site inspection. When the team's site is inspected by the organisation the team is ready to go and the warranty fee will be wired back to their account.

We are also noticing that teams neglected and didn't respect the competition rules. Teams who do not comply with the competition or KCBS rules will not receive back their warranty fee.


Saturday 09/05/2015

  • 08h00 - The competition area is open. Meat inspection can be done straight away when you check in or prepare your team area
  • 17h00 - Cooks meeting (Team Captains only)

Sunday 10/05/2015

  • 07h07 - Breakfast South Pork Style for good luck at the contest area bar.
  • 12h00 - Chicken turn in
  • 12h30 - Pork ribs turn in
  • 13h00 - Turn in Pork
  • 13h30 - Beef-brisket turn in
  • 17h30 - Award Ceremony

Turn-in times: the allowed turn-in time will be five (5) minutes before and five (5) minutes after the posted time with zero tolerance.



Prizes & Braggingrights

To be determined.

Competition Rules

Beer, fries and BBQ is the first Belgian Low and Slow competition in his kind to be KCBS sanctioned. Therefore we we follow the KCBS rules and regulations for our competition.

Following main categories will be judged on sunday:

  • Brisket
  • Pork ribs
  • Chicken
  • Pulled pork

Following rules are in addition to the KCBS rules and do not overwrite them in any case:

Terrain regulations

  • Campers are not allowed on the terrain.
  • Vehicles can enter the terrain for unloading only! No vehicles are allowed on the terrain and must park in the designated areas.
  • UDS's or BBQ's may not be placed underneath a tent. They must remain in open air at all time.
  • UDS's or BBQ's which have direct contact with floor must be placed on bricks or other fire resitent materials so no damage is done to the floor
  • Quiet time: 23h00 - 07h30.

Be advised: Teams who not comply with these rules and regulations will not receive a refund of their warranty fee.

Waste management - new rules apply!

  • A large container will be placed by the organisation for ashes.
  • Every team will be provided with one designated container and one (1) waste bag with a volume of 120L.
  • Teams can buy additional bags of 120L
  • Only waste bags provided by the organisation are allowed.
  • Teams must centralize their waste the designated area on the competition area. More info will follow on the teams captain meeting.

Be advised: Teams who not comply with these rules and regulations will not receive a refund of their warranty fee.

Safety regulations

Teams who do not comply to the following safety regulation can't start the competition.

  • Every team must be in possesion of a 5Kg fire extinguisher.
  • Every team must be in possesion of a fire blanket.
  • Every team must be in possesion of first aid kit.
  • Electric or propain-gas divices for heating or cooking are not allowed on the competition area.

Be advised: Teams who not comply with these rules and regulations will not receive a refund of their warranty fee.


Payment instructions where e-mailed to you after registration within the registration confirmation e-mail. If you didn't receive any mail check your spam-folder first before contacting us.
Your team is only confirmed upon receiving the full payment.

The competition and warranty fee must paid trough wire transfer with following information:
IBAN: BE57 7310 3506 1835
Notice: team name - BF&BBQII


More than 2 months before the contest = 100% refund
Less than 2 months but more than one month before the contest = 50% refund
Less than 1 month before the contest = no refund

Rules and regulations can be changed unilaterally by the contest organiser. Subscribed teams will be informed about any changes made via e-mail.


Hasselt provides some nice and decent hotels. Enlisted hotels are all located within the city- centre on 10 minute walking distance from our venue.

Contact info

You can always contact our organizing committee Wim Bloemen or Dimitri Zetzsche for more information.


applying for judging can be done via e-mail to our organizing committee Wim Bloemen or Dimitri Zetzsche. Do not forget to mention you fullname with you KCBS judge number.

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